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How To Find The Best Fleet Fueling Service In Louisiana


fleet fueling services, fleet fueling, fleet fueling in Louisiana, onsite fueling in Louisiana, onsite fueling, fleet fuel cards, tank managementNow more than ever, it’s important for fleet managers to look at every possible way to cut down on fleet fueling costs. Diesel prices are currently hovering around $4 per gallon, with volatile spikes here and there, and this “new normal” for fleet fueling in Louisiana means that every drop counts. When the price of diesel fuel changes even 5 to 10 cents, that swing has a major impact on your company’s profit.

One way to cut down on the cost of fueling your vehicles is to hire an onsite fleet fueling service. To start, getting rid of the mileage spent on driving to and from the gas station saves you money and puts your employees’ time to better use. The savings continue from there.

When looking for the best fleet fueling service in Louisiana, it’s important to know what an efficient fleet fueling service is and how to get the best price to maximize the return on your investment.

What Is An Efficient Fleet Fueling Service?
You know you need to save on fleet fueling costs, but aren’t entirely sure how to get the most efficient onsite fueling service. Look for these key aspects from any service providing onsite fueling in Louisiana:

  • Fleet Fueling Cards For Your Drivers -- Customized to fit your fleet’s needs, fleet fuel cards give you the ability to track fuel consumption rates and costs.
  • Fleet Fueling Policy -- Establishing a fleet fueling policy improves the efficiency of your program and helps you cut down on unnecessary costs.
  • Off-Peak Refueling Services -- Imagine the time you’d save if every employee arrived at work with your fleet fueled up and ready to go. This also ensures any issues that may come up during fueling are dealt with before the workday starts.
  • Proper Fleet Fueling Equipment/Setup -- Having the right tools for the job helps you get the most out of your vehicles and the petroleum products that keep them running right.
  • Handheld Data Collection Device -- If someone is going from truck to truck recording fleet fueling information with pen and paper, that leaves a lot of room for error. A handheld data collection devise records truck ID, gallons, odometer and product and prints a receipt with these details for each of your vehicles. It also helps to supply routine reports of fuel usage by vehicle.

How Do You Get The Best Price For A Fleet Fueling Service?
The onsite fleet fueling service you choose should be able to leverage purchasing and pricing from a range of suppliers to provide you savings and price predictability. Your fleet fueling service should also offer fleet cards. These are designed to streamline the entire fleet fueling process, controlling your costs and increasing your savings. Also, you should never pay a premium for night, weekend or holiday work.

If you’re serious about saving money on fleet fueling and are going to enlist the help of the best fleeting fueling service in Louisiana, you should also consider partnering with a service that handles tank management. This type of service provides you with the lubricant and fuel monitoring you need, along with establishing the proper safety and quality control safeguards that protect your workers and keep your business compliant. 

Need fleet fueling in Louisiana now? Call 800-375-8389 or click here to speak with the Petroleum Pros at Richard Oil And Fuel.

DOWNLOAD NOW: Download our free report “5 Tips For Managing Your Fuel Inventory”

How To Choose The Best Oil Sampling Company In Louisiana


oil sampling, oil analysis, Richard oil And fuel, oil sample analysis, oil analysis companyThe quality and integrity of the oil you use is important to the longevity of your equipment. When a machine you rely on unexpectedly breaks down, you’re losing money. That’s why regular oil sampling is critical when it comes to preventing work stoppage and slumps in productivity. However, proper oil analysis and sampling requires hiring a company that knows the right procedures.

Precision in oil sampling is tricky. If the tools and techniques are used incorrectly, the result is faulty data. That’s not going to give you an actual snapshot of any potential issues that could affect the health of your equipment.

When looking for the best company in Louisiana for oil sample analysis, there are two key questions you must ask yourself:

1. Does the company use the right oil sampling procedures?

It’s critical that the oil sampling company you hire understands exactly how to obtain a representative oil sample. There are two primary goals they should have in place:

  • Maximize Data Density -- Samples should be taken based on a number of criteria: cleanliness, dryness, depletion of additives and presence of wear particles generated by the machine.
  • Minimize Data Disturbance -- Samples should be extracted so the concentration is uniform, consistent and free of contamination.

Other factors you must consider with oil sampling include the type of hardware being used to extract a sample and the sampling location within the machine. The hardware should be easy to use, clean, tough and cost-effective. Sometimes a certain bottle type is needed to take an accurate sample. As for places to draw a sample from, each machine is different, so you want an oil analysis company that addresses your machine’s specific needs.

2. Can the company teach you and your employees how to take an accurate oil sample?

The best oil sampling company is a cost-effective one. Reducing the money spent on malfunctioning equipment depends on the steps you take to prevent breakdowns and malfunctions from happening in the first place. That’s why it’s important to find an oil analysis company that offers an on-site educational program. After all, knowing is half the battle. 

With an educational program like Richard Oil And Fuel’s in place, you arm your workers with valuable oil and fuel management tips that improve performance and save your company money. They gain professional advice for improving practices on topics like “How to Choose and Use the Right Fluids for Each Piece of Equipment.” From hands-on presentations to classes in the field, the focus should be tailored to the specific needs of your business.

On-site education from a dependable third-party oil analysis company helps your workers maintain your machines and what goes into them, perfectly.

Looking for the best oil sampling company in Louisiana? Call 800-375-8389 or click here to speak to the Petroleum Pros at Richard Oil And Fuel.

DOWNLOAD NOW: Download our free guide “Lubricant Analysis, Handling And Storage: The Complete User’s Guide” 

Finding The Best Price Of Diesel Fuel In Louisiana


diesel fuel in Louisiana, diesel fuel, diesel fuel prices, diesel fuel pricing, diesel fuel supplier, fleet fuelingWhen looking for a distributor of diesel fuel in Louisiana, you want to get the best value for your budget. To do this, you have to look beyond a search for a distributer offering “cheap fuel.”

Diesel fuel prices fluctuate constantly, and there are suppliers out there ready to capitalize on your confusion about finding a supplier with the best price. Cheap diesel fuel prices could be nothing more than bait to hook you into a contract with long-term costs far above market value. They might also get you cheaper fuel but neglect your overall fleet fueling service needs.

The best value for your fuel budget is with a diesel fuel distributor that goes the extra mile for your business. Here’s how they should go above and beyond just supplying you with affordable diesel fuel:

1. On-Site Fleet Fueling

Time is money. Are your workers refueling equipment at the beginning or end of a shift? That’s indispensible time they spend not tending to the essential aspects of running a successful business. With on-site fleet fueling you get your equipment refueled during off-hours so you’re set to get down to business the following workday. This convenient and efficient service saves you both time and money in the long run. 

2. One Stop Fuel And Lubricant Shopping

You’ve got a busy schedule. Keeping your inventory stocked with all the key petroleum products your business needs can be time-consuming. However, you risk equipment malfunction if your engines and mechanical parts aren’t kept in peak performance condition. Lubricants and additives keep your equipment and your business running smoothly. That’s why it’s essential to find a diesel fuel supplier that also offers oil, lubricant and fuel management programs. They should have an inventory program customizable to your specifications, so your shelves are stocked with all the petroleum products you need at a moment’s notice.

3. Premier Customer Treatment

Prevention and preparation are key elements to protecting your bottom line. When looking for a diesel fuel supplier, check to see if they provide a program designed to help you reduce costs and meet all your fueling needs. This purchasing program should include ways to provide wholesale fuel pricing assurance and deliver the necessary supplies in case of an emergency.

Finding the best price for diesel fuel in Louisiana is about more than just putting cheap fuel in your tank. For the greatest overall value, you need a diesel fuel distributor with a dynamic service aimed at improving equipment performance and the efficiency of your business.

Looking for the best price of diesel fuel in Louisiana? Call 800-375-8389 or click on the button below to speak to the Petroleum Pros at Richard Oil And Fuel.

Three Tips For Choosing And Using Antifreeze In Louisiana


antifreeze, antifreeze in louisiana, automobile antifreeze, engine coolant  Whether you’re just setting up shop or your business has been operating here for decades, there are a few things you need to know about keeping your vehicles and equipment running right in Louisiana.

While different fuel and lubricant factors always play a big part in engine performance, there is one automotive fluid that is absolutely critical to ensuring the optimal operations of your vehicles and equipment:


Keep the following tips in mind when choosing engine coolant and antifreeze in Louisiana and you’ll be well on your way to achieving optimal equipment performance:

  1. Expect Extreme Conditions
    As the old saying goes: “If you can’t stand the heat … imagine how your engine feels!” Louisiana is home to some of the hottest, most humid conditions in the entire continental United States. If you want your business to be successful under these extreme temperatures, you need to make sure your equipment is up to the task. Choosing the right engine coolants and antifreeze for every individual piece of equipment is the first step to ensuring optimal performance and preventing overheating.
  2. Check Your Levels Regularly
    Running low on (or out of) engine coolant and antifreeze on the job might mean the end of the road for your engine. That’s why it’s important to check your levels on a regular basis and be sure to bring a backup container (or two) along to the job site. Even if it doesn’t seize, running out of coolant or antifreeze has a major negative impact on the life of your engine. With the cost of equipment downtime, you don’t want to have to shut down your operation just because you didn’t come prepared.
  3. Don’t Wait … It May Be Too Late
    If you wait for temperatures to rise before filling your reservoirs with antifreeze or coolant, it may already be too late to have the desired effect. Fill your tank in the morning before your equipment has a chance to heat up and you’ll ensure optimal performance.

Want more helpful tips on choosing and using the right engine coolant and antifreeze for your equipment? Richard Oil And Fuel offers Onsite Educational Programs that teach your employees all they need to know about using antifreeze in Louisiana.

Need some expert advice when it comes to the right antifreeze for your equipment? Call 800.375.8389 or click on the button below to talk with the experts at Richard Oil And Fuel.


Cheap Fuel Secrets From The Best Oil And Fuel Distributor In Louisiana


cheap fuel, fuel distributor in Louisiana, oil distributor in louisiana, fuel budget, oil and fuel budget, wholesale fuel prices, wholesale engine oil  No matter whether your business has just one vehicle or a fleet of hundreds, chances are you’re always on the lookout for cheap fuel and oil. After all, what’s good for your budget is good for your business, right?

Not so fast … the truth is a little more complicated than that.

When it comes to choosing the best oil and fuel distributor in Louisiana, you need to balance overall value against short-term costs. What may seem like a great deal to your oil and fuel budget today could have a major negative impact on your bottom line down the road.

Before you choose an oil and fuel distributor in Louisiana based on price alone, keep the following three factors in mind:

  1. Service -- All oil and fuel distributors in Louisiana face the same wholesale petroleum prices and market fluctuations. So, when you see prices at the pump that seem too good to be true, it’s a pretty good indication that the provider is making up their costs by skimping on service. Before you bite that super-low price bait, look for the hook:
    • Can you expect on-site fleet fueling services?
    • When you’re running low on lubricants, will they have your greases, oils and lubes in stock?
    • The real bottom line: will this oil and fuel distributor be there when work needs to be done and you’re vehicles are running low on the fuel and lubricants you need to run your business?
  2. Knowledge And Expertise -- Anyone can pump gas and put oil in a tank. The real value of a true oil and fuel distribution partner is in the knowledgeable guidance and expertise they offer. Do you think that low-budget cheap fuel and oil quote covers the kind of valuable advice that fuels your business success? Probably not. Look for an oil and fuel distributor in Louisiana who provides helpful knowledge and guidance, offering tips, techniques and solutions that improve the performance and efficiency of your equipment and your business.
  3. Pricing Assurance -- Cheap fuel isn’t always what it seems. A lot of oil and fuel distributors in Louisiana like to offer a low introductory price to get you in the door and then make their money back by locking you into a contract with oil and fuel costs above market value. Don’t fall for that old “bait-and-switch” trick! Look for an oil and fuel distributor in Louisiana who helps you plan your petroleum needs and buy at the best possible time to manage your wholesale engine oil and wholesale fuel costs.

Looking for the best oil and fuel distributor in Louisiana? Want a petroleum provider who offers competitive rates and outstanding service?

Call 800.375.8389 or click on the button below to request pricing from the Petroleum Pros at Richard Oil And Fuel.

Diesel Fuel Delivery & Locations In Baton Rouge Or Donaldsonville, LA


diesel fuel delivery, diesel fuel, diesel fuel locations, diesel fuel distributors, fleet fueling, oil and fuel, fuel analysis, oil and fuel, fuel costsWhether you operate in the agricultural, construction commercial or industrial field, there’s one thing that keeps businesses in the Baton Rouge region running on a daily basis: Diesel Fuel.

If you’re looking for diesel fuel delivery services or diesel fuel locations in Baton Rouge or Donaldsonville, Louisiana, remember: not all diesel fuel distributors are created equal. Choose a diesel fuel delivery and distribution partner capable of providing you with comprehensive fleet fueling solutions customized around your specific needs.

Richard Oil And Fuel is dedicated to offering Louisiana businesses like yours the personalized diesel fuel delivery services you need to keep your equipment running right year round.

When you partner with Richard Oil And Fuel for your Baton Rouge diesel fuel distribution needs, we start by conducting an in-depth Petroleum Assessment. From fleet surveys to oil and fuel analysis and testing, our team of Petroleum Pros examines every aspect of your petroleum products consumption and designs custom ROI projections and recommendations to save your company on oil and fuel costs.

Once your initial Petroleum Assessment is complete, you are automatically enrolled in Richard Oil And Fuel’s Successful Buyers Program. As a successful buyer partner, you get the tools you need to manage your diesel fuel costs through the region’s best fleet fueling and petroleum purchasing program. The benefits of joining the Richard Oil And Fuel Successful Buyers Program include: improved fuel inventory management, reduced freight costs, wholesale fuel pricing and more.

Last but not least, when you partner with the Petroleum Pros for your diesel fuel delivery and distribution, your business benefits from regular On-Site Educational Programs designed to educate your employees on the latest oil and fuel management tips and best practices.

Looking for diesel fuel pricing in the Baton Rouge or Donaldsonville, Louisiana region? Call 800.375.8389 or click on the button below to request pricing from the Petroleum Pros at Richard Oil And Fuel.

Want to learn more about managing your diesel fuel inventory? Click on the button below to read the comprehensive free report.

Helping Businesses In Louisiana Use Synthetic Oil Properly


What is synthetic oil? The Petroleum Pros at Richard Oil And Fuel offer Louisiana a breakdown of this often-misunderstood lubricant. What is synthetic oil? It’s a question sending those in the oil and fuel industry into discussions about the benefits of mineral oil vs. synthetic oil. When deciding whether or not to use synthetic oil as a lubricant for your machines, you need to first understand what synthetic oil is, how it’s made and the benefits and drawbacks associated with synthetic oil.

What Is Synthetic Oil? 
Synthetic oil is a lubricant possessing artificially formed chemical properties resulting from an extensive refining process. It is not, as some people assume, created from scratch in a laboratory. Different types of synthetic oils have varying chemical compositions designed to achieve different results in engine performance.

How Is Synthetic Oil Made? 
To create synthetic oil, crude oil is drilled, collected and processed. The difference between synthetic oil and mineral oil is the extensive refining process synthetic oil undergoes. This refining process yields molecules that are more consistent in size, shape and weight. Because these properties don’t occur in nature, the product is named synthetic oil.   

What Are The Benefits Of Synthetic Oils? 
Synthetic oils provide many benefits to the equipment they are applied to. Because of their uniform chemical composition, synthetic oils flow more easily than mineral oils. This leads to the misconception that synthetic oils are too thin to work effectively in most engines. On the contrary, synthetic oils meet all viscosity regulations, and actually may lubricate parts of equipment quicker than mineral oils.  

Another huge benefit to using synthetic oils is they may perform under a wide range of temperatures. Because of the refining process, synthetic oils have a higher purity level than mineral oils. A higher purity level means synthetic oil is able to withstand both extreme cold and extreme heat.  

Finally, another benefit is synthetic oils reduce the amount of oil consumption in engines. Because of the quality of synthetic oils, the rate of oil consumption is reduced, the duration of an oil's use is extended, which can ultimately also lead to an extended life for your engine.

Common Misconceptions
One of the most common misconceptions surrounding synthetic oils is that they are more likely to produce sludge. Sludge is, in fact, created when oils face high temperatures and react with oxygen. This process is called oxidation. Since synthetic oils perform better under more extreme temperatures, they are actually better at fighting deposits and reducing sludge. 

Another common criticism surrounding synthetic oils is cost. It’s true that synthetic oils are more expensive than mineral oils. This leads to a misconception that synthetic oils will devour a company’s budget. However, studies have shown that, when used correctly, synthetic oils actually save companies money by reducing oil consumption rates and extending engine life.  

Richard Oil And Fuel distributes Louisiana's best selection of oils, lubricants and greases for industries operating within all areas of Louisiana, including a wide array of the industry’s best synthetic oils. 

For more information on choosing the right mineral or synthetic oils for your business, click the button below or call 800.375.8389 to talk to one of our Petroleum Pros today!

Industrial Antifreeze And Coolant: A Basic How-To Guide


Following a how-to guide on industrial antifreeze prepares your machines to be pushed to the brink under extreme conditions.Following a how-to guide for industrial antifreeze and industrial coolant procedures allows your machines to operate efficiently under extreme conditions. Industrial antifreezes and coolants lower the engine coolant’s freezing point and raise the engine coolant’s boiling point, preventing machines from stalling out in the toughest circumstances.

There’s no question about it: industrial antifreezes and coolants are vital resources for the machines your business depends on. Knowing the best methods of preparation, installation and replacement of antifreeze and coolant is important for getting the most out of your equipment and your budget. Here is a basic how-to guide for using industrial antifreezes and coolants.

Anyone managing their company’s industrial antifreezes and coolants must understand the three different types of industrial antifreeze and their different purposes:
• Extended
• Permazone
• Pre-Charged

These three types of antifreeze are used for diesel engines, off-road diesel engines and gasoline engines. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) manuals indicate which type of coolant is right for your engine.

Industrial antifreeze and coolant are costly items and shouldn’t be consolidated. For example, let’s say you have an engine needing antifreeze. However, the only antifreeze you have is meant for a different engine. So, you use the antifreeze to solve the problem. When industrial antifreezes are mixed, you not only damage the engine but also your company’s budget 

Once you know which antifreeze or coolant is right to use in your equipment and environment, make sure you pour the antifreeze or coolant up to the proper level. Failing to fill the product to the correct level results in faulty engine performance. Filling the antifreeze or coolant past the proper level will use too much of the product, and may result in costly, wasteful spills. When installing antifreeze or coolants, hitting the correct mark is critical.

When you install antifreeze or coolant, do it before extreme temperatures occur. If your engines aren’t given the attention they need before the season changes then they, along with your business, stall out in extreme temperatures. Adequate preparation of antifreeze and coolants lets your business operate smoothly when the temperature rises or drops.

When it comes time to replacing your industrial antifreeze or coolant, make sure it’s done right to prevent damage to your equipment. To correctly replace antifreeze or coolant, make sure all previously used antifreeze is properly flushed from your engine. Check your OEM for instructions on how, and how frequently, to perform a coolant flush. Conducting flushes of your used antifreeze extends the lifespan of your engines in the long run.

Richard Oil And Fuel offers on-site educational programs, providing hands-on tutorials on how to manage your petroleum product and automotive fluid needs. Richard Oil And Fuel also offers a wide supply of industrial antifreeze and coolant to keep your business and its machines operating smoothly under extreme conditions. 

For more information about industrial antifreeze and how to use it with your equipment, click the button below or call 800.375.8389 to speak with one of our Petroleum Pros.

The Importance Of Oil Analysis And Sampling Training


Providing oil analysis training for your staff equips them with the proper education and guidance to conduct regular oil sampling.Providing oil analysis training for your staff equips them with the proper education and guidance to conduct regular oil sampling on your vehicles and machinery. Oil sampling and analysis is essential to keep your business and its equipment running smoothly. By having organized and systematic procedures in place for the regular maintenance and upkeep of your equipment’s lubrication systems, you prevent harmful oil particles from building up. This, in turn, protects the lifespan and enhances the performance of your machinery.

When conducting oil analysis training, the professional leading the session should start by referring back to the original equipment manufacture (OEM) manual. This document identifies the specifications of the particular piece of equipment. Understanding your equipment’s requirements and specifications is essential since these guidelines dictate how the oil analysis and sampling process is conducted.

The next step in your oil analysis training is to determine the correct International Standards Organization (ISO) code for the equipment. The ISO code is found in the equipment’s OEM manual. This ISO code dictates the target cleanliness level of oil that should be met in the resulting oil analysis.

After the ISO code is determined, the professional should make sure the correct oil is being used with the equipment in question. To prevent cross-contamination, make sure you have a complete guide of the oil requirements for each piece of equipment readily accessible to all team members and be sure to train new staff on the use of the referenced material.

To ensure the most accurate analysis results, your oil sample should come from the middle of the tank or storage unit. Your training partner should demonstrate for your team how to take an accurate sample.

To schedule an oil analysis training and oil sampling demonstration for your team, click the button below or call 800.375.8389 to speak with our Petroleum Pros. 

Ensuring Your Louisiana Job Site Has Fuel Delivered


Strategic planning of your fuel inventory management ensures you never run out of fuel at your job site.Planning your fuel inventory management helps to ensure your equipment never runs out of fuel on your Louisiana job site. Improper fuel inventory management has the potential to create costly production delays. You can’t afford to simply check to make sure your equipment’s tanks are full and ready to go before each day’s work. You need to assess your equipment’s needs and plan for long-term fuel management services to make sure every job gets done as smoothly as possible and without unnecessary delays.

The first step in effective fuel management is to use an on-site fuel tank management system. On-site tank management systems provide more than just a tank at your work site -- allowing every piece of equipment to get the fuel or petroleum product it needs -- they offer your fuel distribution partner direct insight into your tank levels and refueling needs. Of course, to accomplish this, you need to find a reliable oil and fuel distributor who rents and installs on-site fuel tank management systems.

Next, you need to know if the provider has the capabilities to keep those on-site tanks flowing with the fuel you need. The fuel distributor should have a consistent track record and experience working with new construction sites, industrial business locations and commercial shipping fleets in Louisiana.

Does that provider also have the power to provide your job site with your lubricant needs? Do they assess whether or not your equipment should use synthetic or mineral oils? Are they able to provide your site with diesel exhaust fluid so you meet new government standards? 

Managing your fleet fueling program and maintaining optimal inventory levels takes knowledge, experience and expertise. That’s why the Petroleum Pros at Richard Oil And Fuel have compiled this in-depth fuel inventory management guide.

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